City of Kittitas Employment Opportunities


The City of Kittitas is currently recruiting for the following positions:

City of Kittitas Job Position Description




Position Title:                     Police Officer; Lateral Preferred

Pay Range:                       $4229.46 - $6068.35

Reports to:                        Supervisor, under the Chief of Police

FLSA Status:                      Nonexempt

Hours/Schedule:                 40-hour work week, consisting of a 10- or 12-hour work day.

Division:                            City of Kittitas, Kittitas WA

Date:                               5/9/2023

**Job posting will remain open, until an acceptable list of candidates can be established.

NATURE OF WORK: Under direction of the Chief of Police; or designee, maintains public law and order, protects life and property in the City of Kittitas through enforcement of Federal standards, State laws, and local City Codes and Ordinances. Performs routine regular patrols throughout the community, criminal deterrence, and crisis intervention. As a police officer in the city of Kittitas, the candidate will be expected to work alone at times, with minimum supervision, and must be available to work rotating shifts as needed. Candidate will also be expected to be on call at times, and be available for responding to after-hours emergencies.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: The following are not inclusive of all tasks required for this position.

  • All officers must be able to perform their functions and duties in accordance with established policies, mission, goals, vision, values, and practices.
  • Performs arrests, detains, interviews, searches, and transports person’s, relative to law enforcement activities in accord with applicable laws governing such activities.
  • Protects the public’s Constitutional rights under the law.
  • Patrols the City on foot, or in a patrol vehicle, taking corrective action as necessary, or appropriate.
  • Investigates incidents in a timely manner and prepares necessary paperwork to required standards. This includes preparing detailed police reports on police activity, taking measurements, collecting and processing evidence, making diagrams.
  • Assists the public when needed by giving directions, answering questions and seeking solutions to problems brought to the officers’ attention.
  • Operates a patrol vehicle equipped with a police radio, radar unit, emergency lights, and siren.
  • Enforces DUI, and traffic related laws, processes intoxicated drivers in accordance with applicable laws and procedures.
  • Provides assistance and law enforcement services to the local schools.
  • Coordinates various work activities with other law enforcement agencies.
  • Provides courtroom testimony as required.
  • Performs public relations, community policing, and participates in community events as assigned.
  • Functions as primary officer related to City Code violations.
  • Ability to respond to, and secure the scene of violent, or criminal activity.
  • Willingness and ability to provide first aid, or use of force; as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police, or supervisor.

QUALIFICATIONS: Be at least 21 years of age, a U.S. citizen, or lawful permanent resident with a high school diploma or G.E.D., and be able to read, write and speak English. Must have no prior felony convictions, or any other convictions that would disqualify a successful applicant from carrying a firearm. No recent involvement or history of controlled substance, or illegal drug use. Must satisfactorily complete a polygraph examination, a psychological evaluation, must pass a background investigation, and a medical screening. Must possess or be able to obtain a valid Washington State Driver’s license. Must successfully pass the Washington State Police Academy, and successfully complete the Field Training Program, as well as a twelve-month probationary period. Must meet the requirements to pass a standard physical fitness, and agility test. 

LATERAL OFFICER REQUIREMENTS: Must have successfully completed a Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Washington State or another recognized state. If certified in another state, must be able to successfully complete the Washington State Law Enforcement Equivalency Academy within 6 months of hire. Must have a minimum of two years post academy, full-time law enforcement experience, within the last 36 months. Must have a driving record acceptable to the City’s insurance carrier.

Must pass a polygraph, psychological examination, medical screening; to include hearing, and vision testing, and must pass a background.

Must be willing to work any shift assigned to include weekends, and holidays. Must successfully complete the agency FTO program, and a 12-month probationary period.


  • Must have the ability to remain calm under stress or tension, and must be able to make sound decisions that are in the best interest of Kittitas citizens and the community. Must have an acceptable level of emotional intelligence, and must be able to interact positively, and consistently with the public.
  • Knowledge of computer applications, communication and information retrieval;
  • Knowledge of State and local criminal, civil, and traffic laws, regulations, codes, and ordinances.
  • Ability to learn new information, accept responsibility, acknowledge mistakes, and share successes and experiences related to law enforcement.
  • Ability to work effectively as an individual and as a team member with minimal supervision;
  • Ability to interact and work with others appropriately and effectively in a community of diverse cultures, ages, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds;
  • Ability to maintain composure and perform effectively in stressful situations and exercise good judgment and common sense at all times;
  • Ability to recognize unusual, dangerous, or threatening conditions and promptly take appropriate actions;
  • Ability to work effectively in physically demanding and hazardous working conditions associated with law enforcement, such as physical altercations, use of force, pursuits, foot chases,
  • Ability to perform department defensive tactics and control techniques as taught by certified instructors;
  • Ability to operate Police Department equipment, including but not limited to handcuffs and other restraining devices; breathalyzer and other blood-alcohol level measuring devices; body camera, expandable baton, OC Spray, Taser, Firearms which may include handgun, less lethal options, and patrol rifle.
  • Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time;
  • Individual must be able to make immediate, or decisive action.

Other Miscellaneous Requirements:

  • Entry level candidates must be willing to sign a three-year commitment;
  • Entry level candidate must be able to pass a physical fitness test/examination;
  • Must be willing/available to be on call, or on standby, if a take home car is desired (30-mile response time requirement for take home cars).
  • All sworn officers must be fit for duty, and be physically able of performing tasks in all types of weather conditions, terrain, walking, sitting, standing, pushing, pulling, using equipment, and being subject to hazards related to law enforcement.  

Perks, Benefits, and Culture:

  • Take home car available
  • Flexible schedule, based on department needs, and seniority.
  • Excellent benefits package
  • Medical coverage, after retirement; must be vested for 36 months.
  • Ability to work all of your own cases from start to finish.
  • Training requests, or instructor training requests honored, if reasonable, or needed.

The culture of this community, and the police department results in a family oriented, small-town atmosphere, where the officer is able to perform tasks, patrol, and investigate at a reasonable pace, with independence, autonomy, and freedom.