• Use the form in the window below or click here to open a seperate page
  • In the middle of the page under "Local Payments" click Make a payment
  • Select Washington under "State or Territory"
  • Select Kittitas, City of for "Payment Entity"
  • Click the "Make A Payment" button to proceed to the next screen
  • Enter the Payment Amount
  • Select your Payment Option
  • Click the "Continue" button and then the "Accept" button on the next page
  • Click "Continue as Guest" or "Create an Account" buuton
  • Fill out your payer information. If you don't have email, use
  • Enter your account number: E.g., "000####"(must be 7 digits), use your account number from your utility bill - just add zeros to the beginning
  • Select payment type: and then enter your Credit Card/Debit Card # and expiration info
  • Click the "Continue" button
  • Finally, click Submit.