From the Mayor's Desk


I’d like to personally welcome you to the City of Kittitas. The question on most people’s mind is why Kittitas? What IS Kittitas all about? Here’s what you’ll find if you hang out at the local gas station, restaurant, or business in town;

  • We are proud to call the City of Kittitas our home because the people in our city are adaptable, flexible, and strong of character.
  • We are hardworking people that strive to provide customers with memorable experiences of unlimited hospitality and genuine kindness.  
  • We are tenacious people who live in the heart of prime agricultural land. This land is tended by people who never stop until the work is done.
  • We are a community not measured by its size of population but by the size of its generosity.    
  • We are caring folk that help shoulder each other’s burdens whenever there is a need.
  • We are a community that loves to celebrate our “smallness” with big events.
  • We are a set apart people who have vision for the future of what can be but never forgetting our past.
  • We are a city steeped in history with deep roots from generations of family trees that hold us together.
  • We are the “real” Kittitas!

Welcome to the City of Kittitas! You’re invited to explore what makes Kittitas great. The answer is simple. It’s the people.

- From the Mayor's desk.